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There’s also a new service concept where you can deploy multiple VMs and associated settings as one unit.

You can even create VMM clouds from VMware resource pools (see Figure 1).With all this centralized critical functionality, you can create a highly available VMM platform by running it on a separate cluster.Like its predecessors, VMM 2012 is built on component architecture.Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 is no longer supported.Perhaps the strongest evidence of the shift in the focus of VMM 2012 is the ability to create private clouds.VMM can now do bare-metal installations on fresh hardware, create Hyper-V clusters instead of just managing them, and communicate directly with your SAN arrays to provision storage for your virtual machines (VMs).

The list of supported hypervisors has also grown—it includes not only Hyper-V and VMware v Sphere Hypervisor, but also Citrix Xen Server.You can use a service template that contains all the settings for a group of VMs that work together at different tiers to provide users a service. If the load on that service increases, you can scale out selected tiers with additional VMs as needed.Unlike traditional VM templates, VMM maintains a link to the original service template.Aiming for complete virtual datacenter management, VMM replaces the host load balancing available in earlier versions through Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO).This also features built-in Dynamic Optimization and Power Optimization. Once a host group has Dynamic Optimization enabled, VMM live migrates VMs between hosts every 10 minutes (with the “low aggressiveness” setting—you can choose from high, medium and low) to balance the load.The underlying hardware is part of the fabric in VMM 2012, which in turn supports the private cloud construct that lets certain users self-service their VM deployments.

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