Updating xml file using c

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So By using LINQ to XML, you could run the following code to update the Salary of the John: Figure 2.This chapter provides an overview of how to use Oracle XML DB.

XML developers can leverage the power of XML standards while working in the context of a relational database. That is, individual XML elements and attributes are not mapped to individual database columns or tables.For example: Entities encoded in UTF-16 must begin with the Byte Order Mark (BOM), as described in Appendix F of the XML 1.0 Reference.For example, on big-endian platforms, the BOM required of a UTF-16 data stream is .In many cases, external sources of information are available, besides the XML data, to provide the character encoding in use.For example, the encoding of the data can be obtained from the because these two data types are always encoded in the database character set.This article demonstrates how we can make change the value of an elements in xml document using the LINQ.

In this example i have a XML file that contains the data of the employees such as name and salary.

Each entity in an XML document may use a different encoding for its characters.

Entities that are stored in an encoding other than UTF-8 or UTF-16 must begin with a declaration containing an encoding specification indicating the character encoding in use.

This means that, to constrain XML data according to the values of individual elements or attributes, the standard approach for relational data does not apply.

Instead, you must create that represent the XML data of interest, and then use those virtual columns to define the constraints that you need.

Do not confuse Oracle Database database character set UTF8 (no hyphen) with database character set AL32UTF8 or with character use UTF8 for XML data.