Validating data datagrid

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Xceed Data Grid for WPF offers data validation support at various levels, including cells, row, and business-objects.

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I have 2 way binding, so the user can update the values in the Data Grid and it will update the Data Table, although this is not an event I can see when debugging, my results show it works as intended.

However if the type of a column is say double and the user enters text, the existing Data Table data for that cell is preserved, the cell is outlined in red and my debugger output shows a Format Exception occurred.

With row-level validation, you validate entire data objects when a user commits changes to a row.

You can also provide customized visual feedback for validation errors, or use the default visual feedback that the Data Grid control provides.

You can validate the cells using Current Cell Validating event when the cell is edited. You can show the error information in row header by setting IData Error Info. Master-Details View support to validate the cells and rows using Current Cell Validating and Row Validating events.

Sf Data Grid support to show the error icon in Grid Row Header Cell based on IData Error Info. You can validate the cells using Current Cell Validating event of View Definition. The Data Grid control enables you to perform validation at both the cell and row level.With cell-level validation, you validate individual properties of a bound data object when a user updates a value.Sf Data Grid allows you to validate the data and display hints in case of validation is not passed.In case of invalid data, error icon is displayed at the top right corner of Grid Cell.The following procedures describe how to apply validation rules to Data Grid bindings and customize the visual feedback.

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