When do willow and oz start dating

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When do willow and oz start dating

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Until she hears her mother saying that in some ways having Buffy back makes things worse. Willow, about to lose it completely, lays into Buffy, then says: No!

On the downside, I almost think it would be better if Ted had just been a regular human scumbag.

Having him be a robot almost seemed like a cop-out.

Horrified that she's killed a human, Buffy now has to worry about the police, her mother's feelings, and her own guilt. He's a robot, who's been drugging them all with his home cooked meals and plotting to drag Joyce underground to his "buncker o' love." And he's also not exactly dead... Granted, they're under the influence of drugged cookies and mini-pizzas, but I think it's even deeper than that.

Willow and Xander don't have very supportive home lives.

This episode revolves around the arrival of Joyce's new boyfriend Ted. He's a gourmet chef, he's a successful salesman, he's sensitive, he's charming, and he's interested in everything Buffy and Joyce do. He has flashes of meanness that only she seems to notice. He eventually steals her diary, goes through her things and even hits her. He's genuinely scary and sort of likable all at the same time.

When Buffy fights back, Ted falls down the stairs and dies. And I enjoy Xander and Willow excitement over Ted taking an interest in them.This is probably why they spend so much time with Giles, too.He's become the father figure for Willow, Xander and Buffy.If he was just an ordinary human, I think the episode would have been more dramatic and emotionally charged.(I have the same complaint about "Lineage" over on season five of "Angel." All in all, I actually think that "Angel" does nicer job of showing the evilness of humans.This isn't my favorite episode, but it does do an excellent job of treating a real life situation with BTVS's monster-of-the-week format.