Who is banky w dating

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’ Having been constantly reminded by his fans to get married, Banky W finally decides to trick his fans. After the video to his hit track ‘Made for you’ surfaced, the singer has been bombarded with barrages of messages and comments claiming he was dating the beautiful actress. He was also complimented for being able to keep his relationship with her out of the media for a long while.

A day after Valentine of 2013, he launched his new album "R&BW" with a concert tagged the "The Grand Love Concert" at the Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos, which featured several other artistes including Iyanya, Waje and more.Well, a little bit off feeding off attention does not hurt anybody or his brand.My advice to Banky W is this, enjoy your life and don’t let anyone pressure you.Banky W is a celebrity and for male celebs it is very difficult for them to find women who are into them for who they truly are.Most women you see around male celebrities are into them because they are famous and rich. I clean my face with witch hazel wipes daily , I bathe with a moisturizing body wash , exfoliate with tumeric at least once a week .

Can you give us a breakdown of your beauty regimen?My album will be released later in the year and I can’t wait for my fans to have it ! Level of comfort and all Biggest moment of your career so far ?What are current challenges you are facing as a woman in general? I don’t live in Banky’s house and no we never dated . The Serbian singer Karle Usustar If you weren’t a singer, what profession do you think you would be in? My music is not for everybody and so it’s ok if a select number appreciate it . I think I have experienced it but I may not be at liberty to speak about it just yet , but when I do you will recognize it because it is a milestone !The song was a product of EX O and I working together , and it expresses the need to be myself in a space where I am constantly being told to stop being me and to be someone else that I can’t defend .Any projects in the works you’d like your fans to know about?Being expected to see myself as incomplete because I am not married or remotely bothered that I am not and being pressured to feel so . I am very single Do you feel any pressure to settle down? All I can say is I am an entrepreneur Rumour has it that you are living in Banky’s house. I would still be in entertainment doing something as a creative . Which international artist would you like to record with ?