Who is frankie from the hills dating

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Who is frankie from the hills dating - what to say online dating profile

On the last series of The Hills Brody was seen saying an emotional goodbye to Kristin who was leaving LA for a new life in London he actually filmed another ending with Lauren Conrad but the show decided not to use it.

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Brody became a regular star on the popular MTV show as the hills playboy.

Frankie was friends with everyone in the hills but mostly seen with best mate Brody Jenner.

Although we find out very little about Frankie when he starred in the hills he is successful in his own right.

Since the hills Spencer has appeared on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' alongside his wife Heidi which they ended up leaving and claiming the show producers were torturing them.

Spencer is regularly on social networking site Twitter where he continually slags off other celebrities.

Frankie also teamed up with the popular game 'Sims 3 Late Night' where he takes you all around Hollywood and shows you how to get past the red ropes and get the ultimate rock star treatment.

Frankie has previously dated Hillary Duff and is now married to Jennifer Acosta who he has just had a baby girl with.Spencer was seen at the start of the last series losing his temper with Holly Montag and his own sister Stephanie, and he was also seen telling fellow cast member Kristin that he doesn't allow his wife Heidi to go anywhere or do anything without his say so.He had become infatuated with crystals and was eventually sacked from The Hills when he threatened a show producer.Brody has had a string of famous girlfriends including Nicole Ritchie, Avril Lavigne and more recently model Kaitlyn Carter.Spencer was the creator and executive producer of reality show 'Princes of Malibu' he then went on to star in The Hills when he started dating Heidi Montag.Spencer was the cause of Heidi and Laurens famous fall out and constantly bad mouthed Heidi's friends and family.

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